How to dress professionally for work

To gain confidence at work and impress colleagues, one must present themself professionally. If you want to up your professional game, here are some useful tips for your workwear and business uniform.

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Present your clothes professionally

Items prone to creasing should be either ironed or steamed before wear. What is the first impression you want to give? Professional, right? If colleagues, customers or clients see a scrunched up blazer, it’ll give them the impression you just rolled out of bed.

Steamers are the more convenient option as you don’t need to take the item off the hanger to get rid of creases. Steamers are also more gentle on clothing!

Be prepared by making sure you’ve ironed or steamed your outfits before the work week ahead. No more looking for outfits to wear last minute.

If you live in a cooler climate, fabric shavers will be one of the best investments you’ll make. Run it over your knitwear and coats, and more, to get rid of bobbles. It makes an old knit look brand new – saving you the need to repurchase!

Wear colors suited to you

While you may have been wearing stunning styles or expensive items, you most likely have been wearing colors that wash you out, or actually make you look worse. Basically, every skin tone and hair color suits different colors.

With cooler undertones, bold colored clothing will make you look even paler. Whereas, clothing with blue undertones will flatter you, and make you look more lively.

However, if you are more warm-toned, you are lucky when it comes to the range of colors you suit. You can pull off bold primary colors as well as cool colors.

Take a look at which season you are within the four color families:

-Warm skin tone
-Golden blonde or light-mid brown hair with highlights

Gravitate towards warm, bright colors (blue, brick red, salmon and coral,), beige, yellow undertones – light grey, dusky pinks, subtle green. Avoid deep shades or cool pastels.

-Green, light blue or grey eyes
-Ashy blonde or light-medium brown hair
-Cool skin tone

Gravitate towards soft pastels with blue undertones (light pinks, blues and yellows), greys, off-white, blues – from pale to navy. Avoid yellow-based colours (coral, salmon pink, mustard, orange, tan), pure white, bold, primary colours.

-Warm skin tone
-Red, black, or dark brown hair

Gravitate towards warm/golden autumn undertones (rich browns, earthy reds and bronzes, olive/dark greens, burnt orange). Avoid pastel or bright colours, blue tones (except navy).

-Brown, green or deep blue eyes
-Medium to dark brown, or black hair
-Cool skin tone

Gravitate towards bold blue-based colours, icy, cool primary colours (bold reds, blues and golden yellows), black, dark grey, pure white. Avoid yellow or orange-toned colours (rusty browns and reds), pastels.


Since consumerism took over, minimalism is taking its place for many people globally.

Minimalism is simply only owning items that have a purpose and will be used – timeless items you can mix and match, that you love and will rest assured be worn instead of sitting there collecting dust. To be minimalist, you have a small number of items for each season and certainly aren’t addicted to shopping.

To be minimal, life becomes more convenient. It’s easier to put outfits together, to organize and means you can purchase higher quality pieces you love. As a result, you will turn up to work more professionally than ever!

Minimalists curate their closet to hold only items that bring joy, selling or donating unnecessary items – now famously labeled the Kon Mari method. Don’t worry, it’s not small enough to make you feel like you’re wearing your school uniform again.

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