Video Marketing Tips – 7 Tips to Help Your Video Marketing

I would like to reveal to you my 7 video marketing tips that will allow you to make videos your viewers will absolutely love to watch. Following this article you should have a clear understanding and the basic foundation on how to make professional videos that enlighten, inspire, entertain, and educate.

But to start with, let’s discuss how powerful video marketing is and why you would use it…

Currently people use YouTube as a search engine |about as much as Google which, by the way, Google purchased YouTube in 2006. So who cares? If your a marketer then you care a lot. If Google is going to buy anything for 1.6 Billion that’s because a ton of people are visiting that site and there is money to be made there. So what that means to you is TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC and more TRAFFIC…

This is my belief. The reason why video is so popular is because people prefer video over written content. This is why more than 60% of internet users watch videos more than they anything else while there on their computer.

Videos are so much more personal than written content. It’s more captivating and intimate. When you put yourself out there for others to watch people will identify and relate to you on a more personal level. Also, you’ll be branding yourself as an expert in whatever niche you’ll be speaking about.

So videos will achieve three desired goals} 1) they will produce more traffic 2) this traffic will get to know you on a more personal level and the chances of repeat traffic increases 3) Your branding yourself as an expert.

So with that said, let’s get to the nitty gritty of how to make great videos……

1) Camera – You need to own a camera that is going to take HD video in addition to being portable. My suggestion is to avoid a web cam if possible. The problem with a web cam is obvious. Your stuck at your computer. If you own a laptop, then you have to hull that around if you ever want to leave your house. They have two portable HD camera’s that are on the market that come highly recommended. Either a Kodak ZI8 or The FLIP work great They cost between 100-150.00 They are HD, they are very portable so you literally can take them anywhere you go. I own the Kodak ZI8. It’s cheaper of the two and can be bought online for 100.00. The video is better quality and what makes it even sweeter is it has an external microphone which brings me to my second tip.

2) Sound – It doesn’t matter how great your content is or how great the image quality is if the sound quality is poor. People will stop watching it if the sound quality is poor. This has been researched and is a fact. Studies have shown all across the board that people rate video based mainly on the sound quality of the video. So buy yourself a Audio-Technica ATR-35S Lavalier microphone. It sells on for 35.00 with free shipping. The external microphone is especially important when your outside as all background noise is completely eliminated.

3) Content – Have your titles match the content of your video. There have been a number of times I have clicked on a particular video because of the title only to find out it was some marketing scam, hype, or some kid joking around. To build credibility, help out your followers, move traffic to your website and make money, keep your titles relevant to your content. Speaking of content, this brings me to my fourth tip.

4) Keywords – Always keep in mind the market you are targeting. Then by doing keyword research you can find keywords that your market is specifically searching and base your content around those keywords. You want to produce videos your followers find interesting and helpful. When I say followers I mean those who already know you. But what about those millions of people searching for those specific keywords. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if they were to stumble across your video based on the keywords you used. So in other words, keyword research will help you get ranked not only in YouTube but in Google as well.

5) Have a Script or Outline-Write out some key points that you want to focus on for your video so this way you’ll stay on track. This is how I personally do it. People have problems they need solved. I write these questions down. Then I answer that particular questions and those answers become the points I focus on for my videos.

6) Keep it short and sweet. 3-5 minute videos are the ideal. I see a lot of people who make videos much longer than that, but many people have ADHD. In other words, a person’s attention span is only a few minutes so keep it short and too the point.

7) Call-To-Action – Don’t assume that just because your video was so unbelievably inspiring and helpful (which they will be) that a person will go off and click a link after there done watching it. Always let them know what they need to do after they watch the video such as visit your website, blog, or capture page.

So just to summarize – buy either The FLIP or The Kodak ZI8, buy a microphone, make sure your content and title are relevant to one another, do keyword research and based your content on those specific keywords, use an outline or script, keep the length of your videos between 3-5 minutes long, and always have a call to action…

If you stick to these 7 tips you will be well on your way to producing stellar videos and becoming a video marketing superstar.

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